Aging in Place Home Design

Aging in place, also known as living in place, is the idea that homeowners should be able to stay in the homes that they love, no matter their age or condition. At Images in Design, we are aging in place specialists, helping current and prospective property owners fashion a home that tailors to their specific needs. We can provide homeowners with an innovative, universal design that places safety first, without compromising the appeal of the home.

Aging in Place Residential Services

Our top priority for each home design is to determine the long-term and specific needs of each homeowner. We use universal design concepts to ensure that your home will be functional and beautiful for every stage of your life.

By incorporating universal designs, you can accomplish the following for your home:

  • Increase the accessibility of your home
  • Enhance the “visitability” of your home by allowing elderly family members and friends to easily visit your home
  • Use design modifications that will make living in your home easier and safer
  • Add aesthetically pleasing styles to your interior design
  • Age in style, in a place that you love

Aging in Place Commercial Services

Senior living communities should be accessible, comfortable, and stylish for the residents. At Images in Design, we will partner with architects, construction firms, property developers, and more to incorporate a universal design in your senior living community. By using the same living in place designs that we use for homeowners, we can make senior housing communities just as welcoming as any home.

Why Choose Images in Design?

Incorporating the expertise of Tammy Kaplan, a certified interior designer, and our team of licensed physical therapists, we are able to help homeowners increase the accessibility and the “visitability” of their homes. We use a team approach, networking with experts in an array of fields to provide our clients with the information needed to implement the right changes to their home. Big or small, we can help with any project, allowing each of our clients to enjoy aging in the home they love.

If you would like to learn more about our aging in place or living in place services please contact us today!