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review According to Tammy Kaplan, owner and principal designer at Images in Design, of Cranford, New Jersey, “The most common safety issue I see when designing for seniors is acknowledging that safety is now something they need to think about. How they function now has changed without their realizing it until something happens.”
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Grace’s House: Plainfield show house pits high design against cancer.  Grace’s House, a show house open until May 19 at 950 Hillside Ave. in Plainfield, benefits the Valerie Fund

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At Grace’s House, designers put their skills towards raiding money to help The Valerie Fund. Tammy Kaplan’s top-floor art room is all for Grace. “When I heard about it, my only thought was to do something for Grace,” says the founder of Images in Design, Inc. Kaplan enlisted Grace to create several art pieces.
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Looking Ahead
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Designing kitchens and baths with the principles of Universal Design ensures people of all ages and abilities can feel safe and comfortable in their homes.

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NewJerseyMonthlyCover[1]Find out what happened when two Westfield, NJ, sisters purchased the home they grew up in, which was divided into a mirror-image two-family house. “I wanted my place to look like a New York City penthouse,” said one sister, “lofty, open, and contemporary, but comfortable.” The other sister wanted Asian flair, “a Shoji screen and bamboo floors.” The sisters had all their appointments together, but working with Tammy Kaplan of Images In Design they achieved two spaces each with a style all its own.

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NYspace-cover[1]Read about a Scotch Plains, NJ, master bath with comforts that rival a fine hotel or spa. The husband had a vision of slate and stone … but the wife was afraid it would be too masculine. Working together with Tammy Kaplan of Images In Design, warm copper, colored glass and other materials were added to achieve a dream bathroom with a luxurious, relaxing shower. (Filled with before & after photos.)

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HomeLightingCover[1]This Fort Lee, NJ, condo needed a makeover that was suitable both for entertaining and the daily lives of a couple and their four children. Since the condo was part of an existing building, columns and sconces were used as part of the lighting solution since it was impractical to run wires through the ceiling. Custom cabinetry provided not only beauty but storage within rooms that were unusually shaped, due to the previous owners’ combining two rooms. Working with Tammy Kaplan of Images in Design, a very practical, very comfortable, and very stylish living room/bar space was created. (Filled with before & after photos.)

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KitchenAndBathDesignNewsCover[1]In this Verona, NJ, home, the couple wanted a larger bathroom with a dressing area. The original bathroom was small, but clever space planning on the part of Images In Designresulted in a luxurious space with beautiful marble tile — the jacuzzi, for instance, was placed where an unneeded closet used to be. And a second sink was placed outside the bathroom in the new dressing area so the couple wouldn’t be in each other’s way when getting ready in the morning.

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