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For this remodel we tackled a very common problem many of our clients face. The goal of this project was to enhance the interior design for senior living.They have a bathroom area where the shower is not large enough to meet their current needs. In this example the bathroom was in a 55+ community in Union county, NJ. We removed the tub and put a Roll In Shower in its place. The shower is now large & functional with grab bars in the correct positions, and the shower is still stylish and up to date. Now you can walk right into the shower without any step at all!

Mobility issues are one of the main factors many seniors face when Aging in Place. Having tight spots to maneuver through and potentially with a walking aid can lead to slips, falls and bruises. In this before and after, the access to the shower area was very tight and the Roman tub was useless to our client. Now, the area around the toilet is now completely open with room to move around eliminating many possibilities of slips and falls.

We custom designed an accessible vanity for our client based on their current and future needs. The tall cabinet is accessible when standing and the draws are accessible if in a wheel chair. As you can see in the photos, the transformation is quite dramatic with faux stone styled tiles, dual shower heads with a detachable luxury shower head and easily accessible toiletries.

This full bathroom was on the main level of this Westfield home and was useless to our clients. It was outdated, and the space was not being used efficiently.  Originally, they wanted to get rid of the shower and convert this area into a powder room. Instead, we created a “Wet Room”.

In a clever way we were able to come up with a design that would allow us to take space away from the full bathroom to use more needed Butler’s Pantry, but still keep a full bath in the home on the first floor.

From this point, this is where we work our magic and create a space that meets all of the client’s needs while still looking like you walked into a 5 star resort. White Subway tile and Marble accent tiles were used on the walls to brighten up the space and make it feel larger. The bathroom was tiled from floor to ceiling creating a completely watertight room without the need for shower curtains or doors! It is fully accessible with decorative grab bars for added safety.

Now if this family needs it they have a full bath on the first floor of the home.  It’s also a great place to wash down the kids after playing outside or to give the dog a shower!

In this remodel we had a client that wanted “visitability” for her parents.  Clients want guests to feel comfortable in their homes and will make remodeling choices accordingly.  In this project, we installed a low profile tub and correctly positioned decorative grab bars to achieve our clients goal of comfort & safety for her parents.

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