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When we approach a kitchen design project, whether new construction or remodel, we start by understanding how you use your kitchen — for instance, do you entertain frequently? Do you make big dinners? Is the kitchen the center of your home … or just a place where food is prepared?

Our philosophy of kitchen design:

Kitchen design isn’t just about what’s pretty, it’s about what’s practical. We’ll discuss the appliance features you’d like to have, what your storage needs are, how much counter space you want, the countertop and flooring materials that will work best for you, and cabinet layouts that will make your life easier. Plus we’ll make sure you’ve got the spaces you need to store everything from the most delicate wine glasses to the largest pots.

In the past, we’ve designed kitchens with lower work spaces for bakers (so it’s easy to knead), hidden microwaves on pull-out drawers accessible to children, multiple sinks for families who cook together, and other very helpful features.

Find out more:

To speak to a design specialist about your kitchen design needs, or a kitchen renovation just give us a call at at 908-272-4391 or email See also our bathroom and living spaces (living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, home offices and other residential spaces) pages!

“I’d never worked with an interior designer before. I was especially impressed by Tammy’s ability to explain everything so it was understandable. I was truly amazed at everything that goes into a project — and I admired Tammy’s ability to handle so much at one time.
– BS, Westfield, NJ