Interior Design Services & Consultations

Images In Design offers three special services for clients who may not be interested in a long-term-commitment, but need the help of experienced professionals to solve specific problems:

  • Full Service Interior Design
  • Review of Architect’s or Builder’s Plans
  • Construction Planning & Consultations
  • Designer For A Day
  • Design Advice (Video Consultation)

Full-Service Design Project:

This is a full-service interior design that goes from start to finish, including the following services:

  • Computer Floor Plans with 3D Views to Visualize your Space
  • Finish Selections for everything from Plumbing Fixtures, Tile, Flooring, Paint & anything else for the interior of your home
  • Custom Furniture to meet your dreams to really have exactly what You want
  • Complete Furnishings including installation

Review of Architect’s or Builder’s Plans, or Construction Consultations:

Even the very best builders and architects may not be attuned to the types of furnishings, traffic patterns, ambiance and functionality you have in mind. Or sometimes you find yourself in the midst of a construction project, and you wonder if you’ve made all the right decisions — or run into an issue where you need help making a decision.

When you bring Images In Design in to review Architect’s or Builder’s plans or bring us into a construction situation, we can help you evaluate whether:

  • You’ll have enough space — sometimes adding a foot or two can make a huge difference
  • You have enough storage
  • You have entrances and windows positioned where they make the most sense
  • You have all the outlets you need for the lighting and electronic items you have — or want
  • You have project components that are driving up the cost without adding value
  • You have a kitchen that fits the way you cook or bathrooms that fit your family’s lifestyle

For instance, we’ve been able to make sure high walls were adequately thick to house hidden window covering mechanisms. We’ve turned wasted space into storage space. And we can ensure that your current furniture fits … or that you have a floor plan you can follow to choose new furniture.

Designer For A Day:

Sometimes clients need help with specific aspects of a project, like:

  • Choosing paint colors
  • Selecting fabric
  • Working out a floor plan (for instance, figuring out where to place furniture)
  • Selecting tile or creating a tile design
  • Determining what kind of window treatment would work well in a room
  • Or resolving a design emergency — such as when you’re in the middle of a project and you don’t know what to do next.

Sometimes people hire Designer For A Day when …

  • They need another opinion about how to refresh, update, warm up or personalize a room.
  • Professionals such as electricians or plumbers are asking questions they can’t answer on their own.
  • They want to be guided through a buying situation that overwhelms them — such as choosing kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, or tile.
  • They’ve just moved and they want to know how to make the most of their existing pieces, or want ideas on what new pieces to buy or have built.

This is a great way to benefit from the expertise of an experienced interior designer without entering into a long-term designer/client relationship. Designer For A Day Gift Certificates are even available for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. In fact, our services have been purchased for new homeowners and people who are going through a life change that affects their home (such as marriage, divorce, children moving out, or the birth of new children). If you’d like to find out more about Designer For A Day or purchasing our services as a gift, just give us a call at at 908-272-4391 or email

Personal Home Shopper:

If you don’t have the time (or inclination) to travel to showrooms or retail locations yourself, Images In Design can bring resources to you — including to-the-trade-only items you can’t get on your own.

Whether you’re looking for accessories, furniture, fabrics or something else, our Personal Home Shopper service is a great way to bring the expertise and resources of a design professional into your home.

It’s easy to find out more about this convenient, efficient service. Just call 908-272-4391 or email and we’d be happy to tell you more.

To find out more, call 908-272-4391 or email

“I wish we’d consulted Tammy earlier, because she caught things it was too late to change. Regardless, our renovation turned out great because of her skills and talents.”
-LL, Livingston, New Jersey