Advice for Planning a New Bathroom

A major room that must function properly (as well as look great) is the bathroom. There are so many design elements in a bathroom, which can make re-designing difficult and overwhelming. As I mention often, instilling the assistance from a professional will make the process easier and deliver supreme results.

What’s great about a bathroom is that while it is part of the home, the inside is hidden from the rest of the house, so you don’t have to completely coordinate the decor. In a bathroom, you want to utilize the space correctly to maximize every square inch while incorporating your favorite design features. Below, we help you do just that with ways to create the perfect bathroom.


1      Have a concrete design plan in place first. Before the construction begins, carefully consider the fixtures you want. For vanities and sinks, measure first to ensure a proper fit. For lighting, take note if you already get an abundance of natural light or if you prefer a dimmer ambiance. Consider what type of tub you want. Do you want an attached shower or a separate one from the bathtub?

2     Think about modernizing your shower with a custom built-in seat or shelving unit. Not only do both create additional storage space, they add an upgraded design element that can be overlooked easily.

3     Don’t immediately diminish the idea of a full tile bathroom. By tiling to the ceiling, it lets you use even more of your decorative tile. The accent tile is the jewelry of the bathroom. Tile on every surface is not an overload, it’s a unique way of incorporating a variety of colors and textures in a space that will look 100% complete. Tile also allows you to be creative and inventive with the design. A major benefit of the full tile bathroom is that it becomes low-maintenance. You will never have to repaint, with the exception of your bathroom ceiling.

    Update the lighting if possible and splurge on one item. New lighting that compliments your new design is simple and effective. If you have the budget for it, spend a little more on one fixture that makes the space pop. This might be anything from the shape of the sink bowl to the mirror.

5     Consider the benefits of hiring a project manager. When you have professional coordinator for your bathroom renovation, you make things a lot easier. A bathroom has so many varying elements to it, so you’ll often have to deal with a myriad of suppliers. You’ll need to work with vendors and companies you’re unfamiliar with, and you’ll need to purchase products you’ve never purchased before. With a trusted project manager, you ensure that you’ll get the items you need in a timely manner. A good project manager will ensure that your tile is available and on-site before construction commences. This is all key to getting the project done promptly and efficiently; living without your favorite bathroom for too long isn’t very enjoyable.

I’d love to help you achieve your dream bathroom in your home. Contact me today for a consultation on bathroom renovations.

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