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AIP Designs new site has arrived—welcome to our blog and new website. We’re all about “aging in place,” which means we’d rather see people stay in the homes they love than have to go somewhere else where they’d feel out-of-place. Our motto is Live Safely and in Style, and we try to bring that ambition to every client we work with.
Accessible Living at Home | AIP Designs
Thanks to advances in health care, people are living longer and enjoying life all the way into their early 100s! You might start thinking about the future, as in, “Where am I going to live these next couple decades? What if I can’t see, hear or walk as well as I’d like?”

A team approach with Tammy Kaplan, an interior designer, along with physical therapist Dina Leyden allows a unique, collaborative approach to every scenario. Our goal is to take both of our areas of expertise and optimize accessibility as well as “visitability”, universal design and style in your home. We both earned our CAPS designation through the National Association of Home Builders.

AIP Designs recognizes that aging brings some challenges to living life, and that’s why we exist. Our purpose is to make today’s homes more accessible to the needs of the disabled and people who have limited range due age or physical limitations. With a team approach from both Dina and Tammy, our company assesses what changes need to be made now, so that you or your loved one can stay in the house for years to come, rather than have to move.

Sometimes it is as simple as adding a grab-bar to the bathroom to help prevent falls or replacing steps with ramps. Other times it requires some room remodeling to do things like widening entry ways or adding better illumination. AIP Designs modifies homes in order to make living in them—at any age—easier and safer.

Have you ever met someone who is staunchly opposed to moving away from the home they know and love? They don’t want to give up the familiarity of the place that holds dear memories, and that’s understandable. With the help of AIP Designs, they don’t have to!

Call us at 908-272-4391 to discuss your needs and/or schedule a consultation. We care about “aging in place.”


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