The Benefits of having a Kitchen Design Project Manager

Building a dream kitchen is a challenge. There is no “one-stop-shop” when it comes to designing or remodeling this impactful space.  The kitchen is where the family can all come together, and it’s one of the most important rooms in the house. Without any extra help, it’s up to you, the homeowner, to develop a floor plan, a vision and overall look. Today, the choices are countless.  However, hiring an experienced project manager to oversee and work with you to develop and deliver a great kitchen will relieve the stress and burden you might fear.  With years of experience designing homes, I’ll walk you through every possible scenario for turning your kitchen into the amazing room you’ve dreamed of.

The kitchen is one of the first rooms guests look at – I make it functional and fashionable for you, your family and friends.   In such a dynamic room, where relaxing and working mix, every small decision counts. I know this well, and will be influential on what kind of metal to go with, what tiles to use, counter-space and table to buy.  Today, appliances are as multi-functional as they are diverse.  The perfect appliance, in terms of price, function, and decorative needs, is out there waiting for your kitchen. I’m interested in getting you the right appliance and delivering you a great kitchen.

As a Project Manager and designer, my first recommendation is to have a proper floor plan. That’s where I always begin.  Know your space inside and out.  Let’s understand how your kitchen’s dimensions will look in action.  I can provide a computerized walk-through of the design space for you to review before anything is ordered. Exactly in what area will you and/or family have the most convenient access to appliances?  Which side will have the most access to light?

Once we establish a proper floor plan and are ready to begin the design and renovation, coordination is a major part of moving the project forward, successfully. There are important steps to follow in order to create a timeline and maintain it as best as possible.  We won’t move on to the next step of the process until everything up until that point of the project is in line, ready to proceed. My years of experience coordinating and designing kitchen renovations with contractors, vendors, and homeowners allow me to properly communicate what our goals are during the project.

Don’t skip out on proper planning. It’s where the whole process begins, and where I can make an immediate impact that transcends into a beautiful end result. 




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