Tips for Seniors About Kitchen Safety

Kitchen Safety for Senior LivingSafety within the home is an important, if not THE most important, consideration for all seniors. Unfortunately, accidents, like falling over, and other common household problems happen to anyone, regardless of age at any given time.

Seniors in particular have more accidents occur in the home during normal, everyday, routine activities. Many of these troubles could be avoided by simply practicing good safety habits and staying alert. The kitchen by nature can be a very dangerous place, where all sorts of accidents, falls and fires occur if the right amount of attention isn’t given to whatever task you’re doing. Luckily, there are some common safety habits anyone can practice to become more aware of what they should and should not do around the kitchen. In turn, it will seriously help prevent some of these potential dangers.

Some easy steps to get going in the right direction:

  • Install a smoke detector and keep a fire extinguisher nearby.
  • Store food, utensils and any other frequently used items at a convenient height.
  • Avoid any climbing or reaching for high shelves if possible, and avoid standing on any furniture (ladders, chairs etc…).
  • Another preventative measure to take to lower the risk of falling would be not using any floor polish or wax to reduce the amount of slick surfaces on the floor, so you will not slip and fall.
  • Store any flammable or combustible item away from the ovens’ range.

These are some basic, helpful tips you can follow at any age, but especially when mobility becomes a little more challenging. Along with the help from our team, you’ll be living comfortably, and more importantly, safely in your own home. With a few simple additions around the kitchen and home, we can transform your space into a safe haven, and still have access, independence and confidence to age in place.

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