Aging in Place Home Modifications & Renovations

Images in Design supplies the knowledge, skill, and diverse experience to create a completely accessible interior design that will allow you to safely live in place. We reconcile the needs of each resident with the existing style of your home for a personalized look that is both accessible and aesthetically pleasing.

Aging in Place Residential Services

Safe Home Modifications For Seniors

Whether you are remodeling for the present or the future, our aging in place home modifications provide long-term solutions for your home. From planning to implementation, we work with you every step of the way to ensure that the project is completed quickly, efficiently, and fulfills your functional needs and sense of style.

During our initial consultation, we will perform a home audit that will assess your physical abilities and how you live in your space. This will include factors such as:

  • Assessing the existing space including entryways, doorways, stairs, bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, laundry rooms and closets
  • Outlining your needs and goals
  • Understanding health issues and physical limitations, including pertinent medical history, strength, flexibility and balance
  • Assessing the level of assistance needed for activities of daily living (i.e. bathing, dressing, grooming, meal preparation)
  • Determining risk of falls for fall prevention
  • And more

Living in Place Home Modification Projects, Big or Smallaging in place shower nj

Whether you’re planning an entire home remodel or just need a little advice, we at Images in Design can work with you on any project. With our accessible, universal designs, we can help you modify any part of your home, big or small, to make it work for every stage of your life. Look through some of our past projects to see what we can do for your home:

To learn more about our aging in place home modifications, contact Images in Design or book your free consultation today!