The Importance of a Qualified Project Manager

When you decide to revamp or remodel your home, your priority is finding an experienced professional to oversee all work. With me, you get both; I’m also a project manager, so I can deliver only exceptional results for my clients. Since I employ a meticulous system and thorough planning, working with me eliminates the risk of mistakes, ultimately saving you more money than if you did it alone.

Before you make any solid decisions about changing your home, consult with me on your options. The more information I have about your home, and the style you expect, the more phenomenal of a result I can provide.

Information to Provide a Designer/Project Manager:

  • Your Style –

Get inspired from a variety of digital and print publications about interior design. Look through media like Better Homes and Gardens, Houzz, Pinterest, or ImgFave for ideas. Learn about what you’d love to see in your home. If you have an affinity for country or traditional themes, or if you want everything modern for a contemporary look, keep that in mind. Your personal preferences coupled with my experience will provide you with your dream space.

  • Budget-

Contact other homeowners who have recently remodeled or extended their homes, in order to obtain a realistic idea for your budget. When you revamp or remodel a home, you want to be prepared for purchasing only quality materials that provide an attractive ROI (return of investment). Be ready to share and tweak this budget, as your financial plan and your project manager must work in synergy.

  • Room Proportion, Layout, & Furniture –

If you want more space, keep that in mind as well. Note any concerns about space or energy you may have, as I’m able to work space in your home to maximize its potential.

  • Any Future Design or Remodeling Projects –

If you know you want to do a few rooms in the next year, plan for that all at once. If you do one room at a time and don’t have a clear plan or the right manager, your home may not flow naturally. Moreover, you have to be careful about the order in which you complete these projects, as the hierarchy in which you renovate has an influence in your result.

In addition to designing your home to be an aesthetically captivating, yet functional and comfortable place to reside, I will oversee this to ensure you have all of the accurate information you need to get started. For example, interior design and home renovation projects come with many myths.

Common Misconceptions about Interior Design:

When many people believe a blanket statement, the myth is then viewed as a fact, which leaves many homeowners with misconceptions about home renovation projects.

  • To Add Function, You Must Add Space:

Subjective:  I strive to work with the space you currently have, albeit certain things can hinder my plans, thus requiring an extension. Fortunately, in most cases, you can do much with what you already have. You may not need to extend your house to revamp your space; I can maximize the space in a room by tweaking the placement of furniture, changing the direction a door swings, or by adding shelving solutions. I’ve been told I can see space in a room in a way that nobody else can.


  • It has to be a Long, Drawn Out Project:
    Some projects without an experienced project manager can take longer, causing a long, drawn out event. However, working with me gives you a time advantage. I work hard to make sure everything moves like a well-oiled machine, leaving you with a seamless transition to your new abode.


  • If I Hire a Designer, It Will Be His or Her Style… Not Mine:
    False: Not with me, I make my tastes…your tastes. Of course, I will offer professional advice, but at the end of the day, I understand that it isn’t my home and I’m not the one who has to live with the results, you are.


  • DIY Remodel Projects Save Money:
    Unless you’re a professional, avoid making major repairs on your own. Your handy DIY project could exacerbate minor issues, whereas an expert can eliminate the problem before it gets worse. It’s likely you could make a mistake along the way, whether it be a poor material choice or ordering a product late, you may make a beginner error that causes a major upheaval in your time or financial budget. I pair almost 30 years of experience with a meticulous approach to ensure no costly mistakes are made, which saves you money in the end. In addition to managing the product, I also manage the labor. Think about all of the questions the tradesmen will have for you (questions you may not be able to answer). I advocate on your behalf, answering the questions, making the decisions, ordering materials, and overseeing the work being done on your home. I’ve worked with these varying contractors for over 20 years, and they’re aware of my high level of standards. Although we work as a team, I answer to you and not the contractors. I work for my clients, not the tradesmen.


  • You Don’t Need a Specific Plan in Place:
      You absolutely need floor plan! Like any discerning project manager, I’m not a fan of surprises. During and after our consultation, I like to lay out a game plan for each intricate detail, leaving nothing forgotten. My preference aside, a floor plan and an action plan are crucial; all the tradesmen need a plan to avoid miscommunication. If everyone follows the same plan, there’s no margin for error.

If you need further advice on managing home renovation or interior design project, contact me and together we will make your vision a reality.



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