The great room concept for entertaining

As we move through history, the layout of homes has changed to meet our needs as a society. In the 1920’s every home had a parlor. Gradually the parlors morphed into living rooms and more recently, great rooms. A great room is a concept that we’ve seen emerge from our need to convene as a family and entertain guests. The large open space is typically comprised of kitchen, living room, and perhaps even an entertainment area. It’s an all-in-one solution to our socialization needs with family and friends. The open space helps the home to feel more airy and well connected.

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In terms of entertaining, a great room is a necessity. How many times have you thrown a party only to find yourself caught up in the kitchen for the majority of the event? Lots of times the whole party will convene there anyways because it’s where the host (or food) is. Our solution is to knock down the walls between the kitchen and the rest of the party.

Components of a great room:

A great room consists of a few necessary elements. It is usually centrally located within the home. It becomes the meeting place of the family where everyone can coexist and yet be doing separate things. They are very open and yet can still have the potential to be split into zones. You’ll find a television zone, a kitchen zone, a sitting zone, a dining zone, or even a zone with entertainment included. Most great rooms consist of architectural features like high ceilings, large windows, and sometimes a fireplace.

Tips for creating your great room:

First and foremost, your furniture has to allow for points of entry. Guests who enter a great room (or any home) expect the flow of furniture to direct them around the space. Furniture shouldn’t block views visually or movement physically. A great tip is to ensure that you have a clear space down the center of your seating. It gives your guests the chance to enter and exit from every point.

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Especially in large spaces, finding the opportunity to create small pockets of intimate space is important for big gatherings.

Another important consideration? It is smart to have sound absorbing materials, such as thick curtains or carpets, so that you don’t disturb other areas of the house. Wall decors are perfect for giving your room an aesthetically pleasing look while also acting to absorb sound.

You’ll want your seating to be size appropriate and comfortable for the space. Furniture that is too large or the wrong shape can make a room look cluttered and make mingling uncomfortable. Furniture that is too small will leave your space looking empty and your guests needing seats. Images in Design can help you find the best way to arrange your furniture so guests feel a natural flow in movement and can easily navigate conversation and exciting entertainment opportunities.

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